• Natasha Liun

What to Drink in New Orleans, LA

Disclaimer: this post does not involve any alcoholic beverage. While my sister and I were touring New Orleans, we had the need for a boost. New Orleans has a local coffee franchise, PJ's Coffee. There are numerous, convenient locations so check out their website to find one closest to you (most locations are in New Orleans). The service is very quick so there shouldn't be a long line ahead of you. You need to try the granita drink (their specialty). They also have breakfast pastries. Some people love the pastries. Sadly, I did not have enough space in me to fit the pastries, thanks to all the New Orleans eating I did. The price of the drinks is reasonable.

The first sip of PJ's coffee I had was my sister's iced pumpkin spice (latte/chai?) coffee and we instantly loved the coffee. The next delicious coffee I got was the mocha granita, with a little whipped cream (and half-and-half). It was supposed to have some chocolate drizzle on the cream but I don't remember mine having any. The taste of the coffee varies by location. PJ's is a different version of Starbucks, in my opinion. In total, my sister and I had PJ's drinks about three times during our four day trip to New Orleans. At the airport, we got more PJ's, but tea this time. The PJ's drinks at the airport are not as good as the PJ's in New Orleans. Not sure why....

The first PJ's Coffee was opened on Maple Street. Now, they are expanding nationally and more notably, internationally. The coffee franchises support local communities financially and also through event support (coffee and pastries of course!). This year, PJ's Coffee turned 40. Here's to another great 40 years! ☕

Hope you get the chance to try out PJ's coffee soon and enjoy it as much as I did.

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